Why workplace facilities are vital to attracting and keeping talent

For businesses that are focussed on attracting and keeping talent, the look and feel of the workplace plays a vital role in employee engagement and creating positive experiences for team members.

These positive experiences should occur throughout the working day and include various aspects such as a welcoming reception area, open spaces for collaboration, break out spaces, natural sunlight and bright and clean washroom facilities.

All of these elements help to make your team feel valued and engaged, and this positivity results in greater motivation and productivity for mutual benefit to your team and your business. In this latest blog post we discuss the various ways that businesses can simply and effectively update their facilities to attract new talent and keep existing talent.



The workplace has come a long way from the dreary office cubicles of the 80’s and 90’s, and today’s modern practices include more personality and freedom for expression.

Open plan spaces have replaced work cubicles and collaboration is encouraged in forward thinking and successful businesses. Of course, workplace design is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach and along with open spaces, there should also be areas for quiet contemplation and concentration, along with break out areas where teams can build relationships and learn how to better work together.




In recent years, there is a growing trend that is taking workplace design by storm called biophilic design. This design trend quite simply incorporates natural materials, natural light, vegetation, nature views and other experiences of nature into workplaces which have been proven to lower stress levels, improve mood and encourage productivity and motivation.



We know that natural light is one of the most important things to health and wellbeing, and according to the World Green Building Council, employees working near sunlit windows have a 15% higher production rate proving its importance to your workplace design.





Washrooms are an important area in workplaces that can be sadly neglected. Cleanliness, hygiene and easy to keep clean are the most important elements in designing and maintaining washrooms, and a lack of these will reflect badly on your business – even calling into question your brand values, the standards you set, and the quality of the service you deliver.

99% of people are reported to have said that they believe an unhygienic washroom reflects badly on a business itself, with a further 58% stating that washroom hygiene was ‘very important’ to their perceptions.



An unsatisfactory washroom may lead your team to develop feelings of negativity about the business they work for, impacting their morale, their productivity in the workplace, and, of course, the bottom line. By working with Focus Washrooms, we can ensure that your washrooms are in great shape helping to keep your team happy and motivated day in, day out.




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