The nature of these venues means that washrooms will see a large influx of users in short periods of time, like intervals at theatres and concerts, and half-time breaks at sporting events. This means that more than ever, washrooms need to be robust, hard wearing and hygienic.



The importance of washroom design

The UEFA ‘Guide to Quality Stadiums‘ states that “one of the most important public facilities in a stadium are the toilets.” Long queues and dirty washrooms can ruin visitors’ venue experiences and stop them from returning to your venue meaning a loss of potential revenue.

With some simple solutions and following the recommended guidelines, you can ensure that your visitors’ washroom experiences are as bright and sparkling as your live events.


High traffic washroom environments

Advice from UEFA ‘Guide to Quality Stadiums’ recommends that the minimum provision is as follows:

For males, 2 WCs per 250 males; and 1 for every additional 250 males or part thereof. For females, the recommendation states 2 WCs for up to 20 females; plus 1 for every additional 20 females or part thereof up to 500 females.

For urinals, it’s 2 for up to 50 males; plus 1 for every additional 50 males or part thereof. And finally for washbasins in male washrooms, it’s 1 washbasin per WC and in addition, 1 per 5 urinals or part thereof. For females. it’s 1, plus 1 per 2 WCs or part thereof.


Make a positive statement

Exceptional quality and high levels of cleanliness and hygiene are vital for your washroom areas as they make a statement about the other facilities in your venue. The design, layout and finish will impact on the overall experience and impression to your visitors so its essential you strike the balance between hygiene and design.


The Focus Washroom experience

Take a look at our project with Glyndebourne Opera House where we successfully managed this stunning refurbishment for theatregoers with durable and stylish solutions.

Our team at Focus Washrooms pride ourselves on exceptional service from design and specification through to supply and installation. Our high-quality products are robust and durable – perfect for high traffic areas.

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