Colour is a powerful element in washroom design and here at Focus Washrooms, we have over 20 years’ experience of working with our clients to create the perfect design scheme.

Whether in education, corporate or healthcare settings, we understand how to use colour to bring your washroom to life. In this latest blog post, we discuss the principles of washroom design using colour and why we’re your number one choice to help you with your upcoming project.


Light and bright colours can help to make a washroom space look larger and more reflective by maximising the natural light in the room.  White is a natural choice for smaller washrooms and can also help to create a clean, sleek and modern look that’s often paired with blues and greens in healthcare settings for example. We worked with Summerfields school who opted who opted for a sleek white finish with contrasting blue cubicles which helped to open up the space and create an impressive result.


Many businesses are becoming increasingly aware that their washrooms must be kept in great condition because people often judge a place by the levels of cleanliness and design when visiting a washroom.  To create a positive impression on staff, visitors and potential clients, businesses are putting more thought into the facilities and we’re seeing more and more customers incorporate brand colours into design schemes to reflect their overarching brand values to a positive effect. In this recent project for Shell, we included a branded visual on the washroom wall to reference the providence and history of this iconic brand.


From primary and secondary schools, all the way through to colleges and universities, we have a range of design schemes. Research has proven that yellow is the ultimate colour for positivity and creativity – both of which are perfect for learning environments. Purples, greens and blues are said to promote a sense of calm which is also helpful in schools where pupils may experience anxiety. A great combination for schools to encourage washroom use is to pair bright colours with fun digital prints like we did at Duncombe Primary & Nursery School.

We’d love to help you with your next washroom project and our highly skilled design team will work closely with you to define the right specs, design and colour schemes.

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