Make sure that you have a plan to succeed and ensure that suppliers provide adequate resources for the project to be completed safely.

Refurbishment and building work is regularly required in schools. The ideal time to do this work is during school holidays. However often there are situations when it must be done during term time. This brings with it some significant health and safety challenges. But having students and staff moving around a school building at the same time contractors are on site need not cause hazards, as long as the right procedures are in place.

Our solutions are designed to drastically reduce site installation times and to overcome any challenge, between design stages to installation stage, delivering an astonishing result and ensuring adequate resources are provided for the project to be completed safely.

How does Focus Washrooms help you to get it right and achieve a safe working environment?

  • We know the importance of having a full assessment of the work due to be carried out. For this reason we go through the project with a fine-tooth comb, down to the smallest detail such as large vehicle movements at times when students arrive/leave school
  • Regular health and safety meetings are carried out throughout the project to check everything is in place and any significant hazards are identified.
  • The areas under construction are segregated from other active areas to reduce danger to curious students!
  • External subcontractors are monitored closely to make sure they are adhering to the Focus Washrooms health and safety polices.
  • Steps are taken to reduce noise disturbance from the areas under construction.
  • Focus Washrooms has a rapid and reliable total washroom solution. Working to your schedule we can supply everything needed ready to install so there’s minimal hassle and disruption.

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