School Toilets – Vandalism

As the cost of vandalism in schools continues to present a problem in UK, it makes sense for educational institutions to consider investing in some important aspects to reduce or eliminate vandalism in the long term. Particularly in schools, the main vandalism problem is controlling toilet areas.

Focus Washrooms provides robust and durable products to meet the high demands of education environments, including vandal proof cubicle systems. Although, manage these areas, where CCTV cameras are not allowed and staff presence is not frequent , is still a challenge for the schools.



How can schools improve safety in the toilet areas and reduce vandalism?


Unscheduled cleaning rotas
Avoid scheduling cleaning rotas at the same times, if the rota includes surprises the pupils will be aware of the danger of being caught out.


Refurbishment and maintenance
It’s true that a washroom that appeals to children and is specifically designed for their needs makes them feel comfortable and encourages hygiene and care. Also it is important that during the refurbishment the school consider to use a design to reduce opportunities for bad behaviors to happen in this area.


Get the pupils involve
Instill a sense of pride and respect for the school environment to the young people through appealing design and a communication-led solution.

An education program combined with good communication prevents vandalism and improves the communication between pupils and adults/authorities. Young people spend most of their day at school and much of their sense of ethics, even if acquired at home, is mostly expressed in the school environment. Educators know how important is being always attentive to children and provide opportunities to put good principles into practice, such as a sense of belonging, caring and respect for friends, teachers and their school. After all, the school is a community heritage, and when the young people help take care of that they have acquired a habit for a lifetime.

Involving young people in group activities such as planting trees, caring for the school garden, organising toys, recycling or participating in charitable projects to help create a sense of altruism, is fundamental to their learning process. Taking care of the others and the school will promote wellbeing and the appropriate environment to learn.


Focus Washrooms
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[1] According to The Education (School Premises) Regulations staff toilets must be separate from those for pupils.

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