School Toilets Cubicles and Washrooms

School Toilets Cubicles and Washrooms

At Focus Washrooms, we are experts at designing school toilets and washrooms.

With over 20 years experience, we understand what is required and can provide you with products that are robust, hygienic and easy to clean.

From concept to completion, we design and install washrooms that are tailored to your school. One size does not fit all and we can tailor make a bespoke washroom to complement your school’s colour scheme, style and the building decor.


Our products include:


Duct Panelling / IPS

Vanity Units


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Our products are covered by generous warranties and are quality tested.






School Toilet Refurbishments from Focus Washrooms

Focus Washrooms can help implement the perfect school toilet refurbishment, keeping within your time-frame and budget.

If you washrooms are due for a refurbishment, now is the time, particularly when hygiene is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Why use Focus Washrooms for your School Toilets?

Bespoke washroom designs
A choice of cubicle ranges
Full installation service
Durable construction
Aluminium fittings
Anti-finger-trap hinges


To be honest, we could keep listing reasons down the page, but we don’t want to bore you.



What people are asking us…


How are your school toilets made?

Our washroom products are manufactured from Solid Grade Laminate (SGL), sometimes also known as Compact Grade Laminate (CGL).  SGL is an extremely hard-wearing, self-supporting, non-porous material, that is eminently suitable for use in wet/dry, high traffic environments such as school toilets.

Available in a wide choice of colours, there are several cubicle ranges alongside complementary duct panelling and vanity units.

Our products are all manufactured in the UK, at our premises in London and Norfolk.


Can you provide designs and samples?

Yes, our team would be delighted to offer some initial designs and sample materials based on your requirements. We can provide full scale plans and measure out the school toilet areas to make sure we get the right fit.


How can we get in touch with you?

For a free site survey and no obligation quotation, please email or phone us with your requirements or complete the form below:


Email Focus Washrooms today at 

or call us on 01707 254 170 to discuss your requirements


Once we understand your requirements, we can provide some initial designs and a washroom solution that meets your needs, in terms of finish, budget and time-frame.