City of Norwich School


At City of Norwich School, Focus were tasked with remodelling three pairs of washrooms in one building of the campus to create three large unisex washrooms with completely private cubicles and shared hand wash facilities.


Structural works

In all 3 toilet blocks there was major masonry work to be done, with walls to be removed to merge the pairs of washrooms. A major challenge was that the structural report wasn’t issued to us until 2 weeks before the summer holidays. The report stated that we would need to install additional structural steel, before any of the install works could take place.

So due to these additional works, the project programme had to be extended into term-time which had its challenges of working in a live school. However we were able to manage this factor well, as we have over 25 years experience in washroom refurbishment and are used to doing projects during term time.


Other works

Once the new steel and masonry works were completed, we commenced work on building and installing the new washroom. This started with replastering of walls, laying of anti-slip sheet vinyl flooring, painting, and cladding the walls to half height with hygienic wall cladding. Then the main washroom fixtures – solid-grade laminate cubicles, duct panelling and vanity units – were installed.

The client chose a woodgrain laminate finish, which is a smart and neutral finish. All sanitaryware was included in our turnkey package and solid surface troughs – known for their durability – were placed on top of vanity units. Dispensers and dryers were installed to complete the hand washing areas.


Unisex toilets

In 2022 the government started updating policy on unisex and gender-neutral washrooms. We’re keeping up to date with all the developments so if you’re needing advice, get in touch.


With over twenty years in the business, we are experts in commercial washroom refurbishments and in the last year alone, we’ve refurbished over 250 washrooms over 90 sites. If you have a project coming up, please just take a moment to get in touch with our friendly team and we can come out and offer a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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