Towers School & Sixth Form College

The motto that Towers School & Sixth Form College hold to is “excellence in everything”. They boast that everyone entering the school attains to this motto through focused leadership, a passionate approach and maintenance of top quality facilities.

Focus Washrooms contributed to the success of Towers School and Sixth Form College by transforming the washroom facilities in a very short time frame. The X5:80 cubicle system was specified enhancing privacy while ensuring stunning looks.

The decision was made to pre-hang the duct panels on timber frames prior to delivery to site to make the installation process effortless for the client. Due to the volume and weight of duct framing included in eight washroom areas, the frames were strapped to pallets and split across three 7.5t trucks, making loading and offloading extremely easy with forklifts and pallet trucks. For more information, see college washrooms.


Privacy and stunning design | Easy installation | Pre-hanged duct panels


With over twenty years in the business, we are experts in commercial washroom refurbishments and in the last year alone, we’ve refurbished over 200 washrooms over 80 sites. If you have a project coming up, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide free advice.

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