Southwold Pier Public Toilets

400,000 washroom users

 The team at Focus Washrooms were tasked with the interior and exterior refurbishment of the public washroom facilities situated next to Britain’s only 21st-century pier.

Despite many British seaside piers experiencing a decline in visitors, Southwold Pier is one of the few enjoying a revival with almost 1 million each year, with an estimated 400,000 of those visitors using the public toilets and washrooms. 

Cleanliness is critical at such a busy attraction. A clean and well-maintained washroom ensures visitor safety whilst also creating a good impression for the pier and local authority.


Exterior refurbishment

The refurbishment project started with the installation of, very durable, timber effect outside cladding to the exterior of the building; the brickwork had deteriorated due to the constant onslaught from the North Sea.

 To complete the exterior refurbishment,  the outside doors were replaced with hard-wearing aluminium doors, pre-anodized and finished with marine-grade powder-coated paint.


Interior washroom refurbishment

In the convenience block, we were commissioned to upgrade the whole building, including the Ladies, Men’ and Disabled washroom. Our team re-designed the layout of both the Ladies and Men’s toilets to maximise the circulation space. The rooms have been furnished with Trovex Universal solid grade laminate cubicles, duct panels and vanities. These come along with our standard 15-year guarantee. Solid surface troughs were installed as they are extremely durable and are designed to reduce standing water for improved hygiene.


A key point of the refurbishment was to make sure the facilities had minimal touchpoints to keep them as hygienic and safe for visitors as possible. Touch-free flushes, taps and dispensers were selected to achieve this. Hygienic wall cladding was also used throughout, as it is ideal for high-traffic areas thanks to its durability and ease of cleaning.


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