‘Outstanding’ across the board

Duncombe Primary and Nursery School based in Hertfordshire offers independent education to children aged between 2 – 11 years old. In its 75-year history, the school has consistently performed excellently and in school inspection reports has been awarded ‘outstanding’ across the board.

We worked with the Duncombe team to develop a fresh and engaging washroom space that would reflect the principles of the school itself. Using a bright colour palette that incorporated our Farmyard, Water World and Pond Life themed laminate designs, along with high-quality fixtures and fittings, we ensured that the washroom was appropriate for children of all ages. We maximised space through innovative design, therefore in smaller areas, we fitted solid surface wash troughs to maximise effectiveness and reduce water spillage from children washing their hands. We fitted an integrated bin to save space plus the design made the washroom easy to keep clean.

We designed bespoke baby change units with pull out steps making it more convenient for both adults and children. In a six week period, we fitted the washrooms, installed half height tiling, and finished the space with bright LED lighting.

The washroom has been transformed into an appealing and welcoming space for children and the team at Duncombe are delighted with the results. See more at primary school washrooms.


Unique Focus Washrooms laminate designs | Integrated storage and waste bin | Energy efficient LED lighting

System used


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