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Woodford County High School

Refurbished washroom

IG8 2016

February 2016, Focus Washrooms embraced the challenge of refurbishing the washroom areas at Woodford County High School.

What our client said…

“ Throughout the whole period from enquiry to finished project, we felt we were always the customer and even changes that we wanted to make from the original quote were easily and speedily incorporated and undertaken. The products used have so far proved to be very durable and hard wearing, as well as looking good and being fully functional. The finished result meets all of our expectations and we and the girl pupils are very pleased with the washroom refurbishment. Any small snagging issues have been promptly addressed and attended to without issue. We are very happy with the care and attention that we have received.” Keith Barnard   —  Bursar.

One of the challenges that Focus overcame was that the project schedule included the term time and the washroom area was situated off a busy stairwell. Focus had to work around lunch/break times etc. The existing pipework was in a very poor condition and the team had to work skilfully to utilize what we needed whilst keeping areas in use still operational. The products used were sit-on semi recessed basins, stainless steel dispensers and Dyson air blade hand dryers. For further information, visit high school washrooms.

  • Appealing selection of colours
  • Stainless steel dispensers
  • Dyson air blade hand dryers

System used

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