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Green School

Project Overview

TW7 5BB 2016

Situated in Isleworth, the Green School is a girl’s school, taking students from Secondary to sixth Form Level.

The existing washrooms, although looking tired, has served well over a number of years and the school was looking for robust and durable replacement and an upgrade to the washrooms environment in general.

The S3:60 cubicle system was used in solid grade laminate, cubicle-height ducts and semi-recessed wash stations, all in coordinated colours schemes. We completed four washroom areas over the six week summer holiday period

With the inclusion of sensor taps, sensor flush cisterns and hot air hand dryers, the washroom experience was enhanced to a new level compared to the push taps, push button cisterns and hand towels used in the washroom previously. This would be an example of the schools commitment to excellence.

Feature tiling

Brightly coloured cubicle doors and duct panels with dark contrasting pilasters and shadow gaps made for a stunning finish. The tiling in the washroom also match for colour collaboration.

Junior cubicles

Several washrooms refurbished, with varying heights to suit particular ages and stages of the students .

  • Cubicle-height ducts
  • Semi-recessed wash stations
  • Sensor taps
  • Sensor flush cisterns
  • Hot air hand dryers

System used

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