Minimising disruption

A well-maintained and modern washroom plays a crucial role ensuring the health and comfort of pupils and staff alike. However, undertaking washroom refurbishments during term time can cause significant disruption.

Focus Washrooms, a leading specialist in school washroom refurbishment, has developed a range of strategies to minimise disruption and maintain safety while executing these projects. In this article, we’ll explore how Focus Washrooms navigates these challenges while working within a live school setting.

Pupil safeguarding
Protecting pupils and staff from construction hazards is of paramount importance. Focus Washrooms achieves this by safely segregating work areas from the live school environment. Temporary barriers, clear signage, and restricted locked access points are utilised to ensure that ongoing construction does not pose a risk to the school community.


Efficient routes and safe travel
One of the first steps in minimising disruption is to establish efficient routes for the refurbishment team to move around the school safely. By liaising with the school, Focus Washrooms identifies the most convenient and least disruptive pathways. This strategy reduces the impact on pupils and staff by ensuring that the team avoids high-traffic areas and navigates the school with minimal disturbance.


Collaboration with school
Close collaboration with the school is essential to minimising disruption throughout the refurbishment project. By maintaining open lines of communication and keeping the school informed about the project’s progress, Focus Washrooms can quickly address any concerns or schedule adjustments. This cooperative approach enables the team to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, ensuring that the project runs smoothly and efficiently.


Before starting the refurbishment, Focus Washrooms works with the school to carry out comprehensive site surveys. These surveys help identify potential challenges and constraints, such as the location of water / electricity lines, structural elements, and any unique requirements of the school. This information allows Focus Washrooms to develop a tailored project plan, which takes into account the specific needs and limitations of the school environment.


Out-of-teaching-hours work and noise management
To reduce noise disruptions during school hours, Focus Washrooms schedules particularly noisy tasks for non-teaching periods. As a result, activities like drilling, cutting, and demolition occur outside of regular school hours, significantly lessening their impact on the learning environment.


Delivery scheduling
Finally, careful planning of deliveries is crucial to avoiding disruption during peak school hours. Focus Washrooms coordinates with suppliers and our transport to ensure that materials and equipment arrive outside of busy times, such as morning drop-offs or afternoon pick-ups.


By prioritising safety, minimising disruption, and working closely with the school, Focus Washrooms has established itself as a leader in term time school washroom refurbishment. By implementing these strategies, the company ensures that each project is completed efficiently and with minimal impact on the school.