Toilet hygiene and the cleanliness of washroom facilities is an important issue. It is widely recognised that there is a growing need to improve standards of washroom hygiene to prevent the spread of infections.

Encouraging both hygiene and imagination

80% of infectious diseases are spread by touch, and yet studies show that:

› 30% of the public do NOT wash their hands after going to the toilet ‹
› 64% of the public who DO wash their hands, do NOT use soap ‹
› 88% of the public do NOT wash their hands for long enough to kill germs (min. 20 seconds) ‹

To reduce germ transmission effectively, toilet and washroom facilities must be kept as clean as possible. With the intrinsic Bactiban™ property that is built into Trovex Diamond hygienic wall cladding, the growth of germs and bacteria is prevented, helping improved infection control and hygiene.

Flu and other virus outbreaks can spread rapidly through hospitals, work places and public buildings because of poor toilet hygiene and cross contamination from unhygienic surfaces like tiled or plastered walls. This is particularly noticeable each winter season with severe outbreaks of Norovirus and C-Difficile hitting the headlines, both of which are spread primarily from poor hygiene in and around toilet facilities.

These health issues can change dramatically with Trovex products. Providing a low-maintenance and antibacterial, hygienic surface, Trovex products are effective in reducing these hygiene issues by creating a long-lasting surface that does not tolerate the growth of germs and bacteria.

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