Washrooms can sometimes be overlooked and they can be the last place in buildings to get a well-needed upgrade. Tired, shabby washrooms give a bad impression and create a poor experience for visitors, staff or pupils. Cracked tiles, grubby sanitaryware and outdated design schemes are all telltale signs your washrooms need an upgrade.

There are also minimum requirements to adhere to if you are a school or business so you should ensure that at the bare minimum, you’re complying with government guidelines. For schools, for example, there are key factors that Ofsted will be reviewing including hygiene, safety, privacy and design. For more information on Ofsted inspections, visit our Ofsted blog.



Modern washrooms will now include clean lines, hygienic finishes on surfaces and stylish colour palettes. A great example of a modern washroom transformation is Didcot Wave Leisure Centre where our team developed a sleek design scheme. Colours and finishes were chosen to match the centre’s modern facilities and corporate colour theme, and the S3:60 cubicle system was chosen for its robust, hard-wearing and vandal proof properties. Check it out here


Similarly, the focus to improve washrooms in nurseries, schools and higher education facilities has shifted from purely functional areas to bright and engaging spaces like this recent refurbishment at the Oliver Goldsmith Primary School in London using colourful graphics and striking colour matches.


We take pride in creating washrooms that are hygienic, robust and will stand the test of time, and using our in-depth industry and product knowledge we’ll ensure that your new washrooms look the best they can be.

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