A recent study by Cannon Hygiene International found that 86 percent of customers would not return to a premises if the washroom was dirty or unhygienic.

A recent study by Cannon Hygiene International found that 86 percent of customers would not return to a premises if the washroom was dirty or unhygienic. This statistic is particularly relevant for businesses who welcome a high volume of customers, such as restaurants, schools and sporting venues, but it applies equally to almost every business who values the opinion of their customers and clients.

A washroom serves as a reflection of the type of business you operate, and a poorly designed washroom can reflect negatively on the business overall. That’s why, in our latest blog post, we’re taking a closer look at the importance of good washroom design.

Healthy Employees

Hygienic and well maintained facilities are crucial when it comes to good washroom design. Germs from unhygienic washrooms can make employees unwell, increasing employee absenteeism, and ultimately impacting the bottom line of the business. This happens when germs from a dirty washroom transfers to an employee, and they become sick, often infecting their coworkers in the process.

By installing a hygienic washroom for your business complete with antibacterial surfaces and easy to clean facilities, you can help to greatly reduce the spread of such harmful germs and infections in the workplace, and to ensure a healthier environment for your employees.

Productive Employees

Another way in which washroom design impacts the bottom line of your business is in employee productivity. Good washroom design can help to ensure that your washroom is a hygienic and pleasant environment for your employees to use, however, the opposite is true when it comes to poor washroom design.

An unhygienic washroom will lead your employees to develop feelings of negativity about the company they represent, impacting their morale, their productivity in the workplace, and, of course, the bottom line of the business.

Good washroom design can greatly enhance an employee’s happiness at work and will help to keep them motivated to come to work in a clean and hygienic environment.

Positive First Impressions

It is a fact of human nature, that the first impressions we form of a person, a place, or indeed a business, often proves to be lasting. With this is mind, the design and cleanliness of your washroom can lead a customer or a client to form a positive or negative impression that may be applied to the business as a whole.

Cleanliness and hygiene are highly valued traits by people in general, and a lack of either will reflect badly on your company, calling into question your brand values, the standards you set, and the quality of the service you deliver.

Unsurprisingly, 99% of people are reported to have said that they believe an unhygienic washroom reflects badly on the company itself, with a further 58% stating that washroom hygiene was ‘very important’ to their perception of the company.

Implementing a well-designed washroom, and maintaining it properly on a long-term basis, will ensure that any potential customer or client who visits your premises will leave with a positive impression, and will be sure to return.

An investment in the washroom of your business is a long-term investment in the business itself. What you pay in short-term costs will be repaid many times over in improved employee attendance, heightened employee productivity, and the good esteem of your clients and customers.

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