How do I keep my school hygienic? Education is the right answer!

The importance of hygienic environments show that cleanliness has significant impact on the overall health, happiness, well-being and performance of staff, visitors and pupils.

Unfortunately cross contamination can occur far too easily when people are unaware of the procedures that need to be undertaken to prevent the spread of infection. MRSA, E Coli, Clostridium Difficile and Legionnaires disease are an unfortunate result of poor cleaning standards. They continue to gain prominence in the media and as a consequence, industries are placing increasing demands on cleaning and hygiene-related products and activities.

Hygiene and washroom standards have been connected with a wide range of negative health and behavioral issues. These include bladder problems, bowel problems, infections and diseases. Not only does this impact on the quality of life of the affected individual, but also creates further negative repercussions for society by creating unnecessary NHS expenditure in the long term.

Focus Washrooms have been working very hard for the last 15 years to developing our hygienic washroom systems, requiring minimal ongoing maintenance. However, simple steps still need to be taken to improve hygiene levels in busy educational establishments.



Constant training on hygiene regulations

Staff must be provided with suitable knowledge of infection control methods and how to carry out cleaning and disinfecting on their day-to-day duties.

The school can find a wide range of Infection Control E-learning courses that can be taken in their own time and at a low cost. Training for cleaning operatives also reduces client dissatisfaction and eliminates the need for ‘rework’.

Have a policy to set rules and techniques to ensure that all processes associated with hygiene and keeping an infection free environment are performed within set guidelines. Standardisation ensures consistency and quality service.

All cleaning operatives are recommended to have appropriate certification to prove that they are following hygienic standards.



Educating the young people

Outbreaks like swine flu and bird flu have called for improved education about hygiene in schools. Hand washing, cleanliness and personal hygiene is just important as teaching standards.

Educating the youngsters about the importance of the effective hygiene practices will not only keep the school environment healthy but will also create lifelong habits. Once the youngsters understand the hygiene principals they will take it as a good habit with them, no matter if they are at school, markets, shopping, hospitals or at home. So it’s a benefit for all community!

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