These range from understanding how many facilities you need per pupil, to making sure that your new washrooms meet strict UK government requirements and that they support your school to pass Ofsted inspections. We’ve put together some criteria that you’ll find helpful whilst considering your project planning.



Government advice – what you need to know

There are varying recommendations for washrooms based on age and gender of the pupils. But for primary schools, the government’s ‘Advice on Standards for School Premises’ document recommends that for Primary key stage 1 – 2  pupils aged between 5 – 11 years, there should be at least 1 WC for every 20 pupils. They specify that there must also be 1 washbasin per WC. There should be adequate numbers of facilities for both female and male pupils which ensure sufficient privacy, and each toilet for disabled pupils needs to contain one toilet and one washbasin.


Unrestricted access for pupils

According to ERIC, the UK charity dedicated to the bowel and bladder health of all children and teenagers in the UK, every pupil should always have unrestricted access to washroom facilities, whenever the need arises. This means that no school should endorse a policy of not allowing pupils to use the WC during lesson times.


Ofsted inspections

School washrooms are crucial to the wellbeing of pupils, and are recognised as such by Ofsted. To ensure that both your pupils and Ofsted are satisfied, take the time to ensure your washroom is in top condition today. The key factors the Ofsted will be reviewing are hygiene, safety, privacy and design. For more information on your Ofsted inspection, visit our blog that covers more detail.


Experience in education

Having specialised in school washroom refurbishments for over 20 years, our vast experience and expertise have led us to successfully manage hundreds of washroom projects in the education sector. Creating washrooms which are hygienic, robust and will stand the test of time is important, and using our in-depth industry and product knowledge we’ll ensure that your new washrooms are bright and engaging spaces for primary school pupils.


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