…and how to fix them.

Over the 22 years that we have been refurbishing washrooms, we’ve seen a few things. We often get asked to solve problems and we always try to include intelligent and practical features when designing a new washroom for you.

Here are the top four washroom problems and how to fix them:

Poor lighting. Dark, dingy washrooms are more prone to vandalism than bright, clean washrooms.

Update the lighting and include sensor operation where possible.
Low energy lighting which does not cast shadows is recommended.

Broken flush/taps/dispensers.

Install sensor operated flush, taps and soap dispensers.
Use stainless steel dispensers instead of plastic.
Ensure correct fittings are used and that the substrate is appropriate for the installation. ie chipboard cubicles will be more likely to suffer damage due to misuse of attached equipment.

Missing tiles.

Replace tiled walls with hygienic wall cladding. Add an image to enhance room appeal.


Water seepage into chipped tiles and grout.

Install hygienic wall cladding. Waterproof and easy to clean with great longevity.

Standing water on vanity tops, basins and floors.

Install wash troughs with effective drainage so soap and water are not left stagnating.
Ensure appropriate floor drains are installed to allow water to escape.


Provision of proper heating and ventilation will help to reduce the amount of condensation.



Clip-on duct and vanity unit panels allow easy access to repair leaks.

Use of incorrect cleaning products.

Ensure the correct cleaning products are used, as recommended in the Operation and Maintenance manuals for your products.


Clip-on duct and vanity unit panels allow easy access to repair leaks.

Standing water and lack of ventilation.

Ensure drainage is appropriate and install mechanical ventilation if natural ventilation is not sufficient.


Standing water and lack of ventilation.

Install floor drain and tap so that floors can be washed and scrubbed down.
Make sure the washroom has adequate ventilation. Install mechanical ventilation is natural is not sufficient.


Install sensor flushes.

Old duct panels/cubicles.

Urine and grey water can soak into unprotected paneling. Check joints and install new paneling, if appropriate.
When renewing panelling, consider a product which is impervious to fluids, such as Solid Grade Laminate.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems and would like to know more about the solutions, then please get in touch. We offer a free site survey to help you make your washroom customer friendly!

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