Employee Spotlight: Karen Hodges

Meet the team who take care of your washroom refurbishment project! In this post, we focus on Karen, who owns two beautiful Huskies.

How long have you worked at Focus Washrooms?
I have worked here for 3.5 years.

What is your role here?
I am based in our Norfolk office – Personal Assistant to the refurbisment team.

And the best part of the job?
I get satisfaction from the initial phone call with an enquiry to seeing it through to the end of the project.

What does a typical day include?
Typing up quotes, keeping our customers informed of how their projects are running, answering emails/phone calls, keeping in touch with our project managers, Simon, Mark and Sam, and just making sure that the team is running smoothly on a daily basis.

What do you do outside of work?
Spending quality time with my husband and daughter, cinema, cooking, entertaining with friends, walking with our husky group!

A recent achievement?
Running 10K

I enjoy going on long walks with our 2 huskies.

Time wasters/lateness/laziness

A recent discovery that I made
Red wine

An interesting piece of knowledge
There’s only one letter that doesn’t appear in any of the US state names – Q!

We’d love to help you with your next washroom project – Karen and our highly skilled team will work closely with you from inception to completion.

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Focus Washrooms awarded Constructionline Gold Membership

We are proud to announce that Focus Washrooms have now been certified as a Constructionline Gold Member.

Constructionline is the UK’s largest register of contractors, consultants and material suppliers for the construction industry, with over 10,000 key decision makers from over 4000 buying organisations using Constructionline to select quality suppliers.

Gold Membership includes all the benefits and audits of our previously awarded Silver membership, plus an extended verified PQQ (covering Environmental Management, Equalities and Diversity, and Quality Management, and ensuring legislative compliance). We also hold valid certification in SSIP.

Obtaining Gold Constructionline certification is an excellent way for us to reiterate our commitment to quality service and products in completing washrooms for our clients and prospective clients.

Contact us today to discuss your next project!

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Reducing germs and bacteria in Washrooms through Washtroughs

Let’s face it, schools in particular often have a problem with illness and germ exchange. However, washrooms in any establishment are an area which are likely to be responsible for aiding bacteria growth and spread.

Inevitable stagnant water and moisture around sink areas can carry and transmit bad bacteria, causing sicknesses to be contracted. This inevitably impacts attendance.

Focus Washrooms have developed a solution to combat poor hygiene in washrooms: the solid surface Washtrough.


As with our toilet cubicles, the Washtrough is designed and manufactured in house. Its design ensures that standing water is eliminated. The design also ensures there are minimum joints for bacteria to grow and all areas of the trough have a slight angle, to ensure proper water runoff. Plus, the troughs are wide and deep so therefore provide a good space to encourage young and older users to practice proper hand washing.

The material we use to make the washtroughs is Krion K-life – a highly durable material with many useful properties such as anti-bacteria and which aid easy cleaning.

Incorporating our Washtrough into your washroom refurbishment will transform your students, customers or employees hand washing experience, encouraging them to wash their hands more thoroughly, more tidily and more often. In reality, who wouldn’t like a brand new shiny Washtrough to wash their hands in?


Whether in an education or commercial settings, we understand how important it is to keep your customers, staff or pupils happy and well with clean and tidy washrooms which is why we’re your number one choice to help you with your upcoming project. Oliver Goldsmith Primary School opted to include these durable troughs due to the sloping nature.

We’d love to help you with your next washroom project and our highly skilled design team will work closely with you to define the right specs, design and colour schemes.

Watch out for our next blog in which we’ll be discussing troughs in more detail…

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Using Colour in Washroom Design

Colour is a powerful element in washroom design and here at Focus Washrooms, we have over 20 years’ experience of working with our clients to create the perfect design scheme.

Whether in education, corporate or healthcare settings, we understand how to use colour to bring your washroom to life. In this latest blog post, we discuss the principles of washroom design using colour and why we’re your number one choice to help you with your upcoming project.


Light and bright colours can help to make a washroom space look larger and more reflective by maximising the natural light in the room.  White is a natural choice for smaller washrooms and can also help to create a clean, sleek and modern look that’s often paired with blues and greens in healthcare settings for example. We worked with Summerfields school who opted who opted for a sleek white finish with contrasting blue cubicles which helped to open up the space and create an impressive result.


Many businesses are becoming increasingly aware that their washrooms must be kept in great condition because people often judge a place by the levels of cleanliness and design when visiting a washroom.  To create a positive impression on staff, visitors and potential clients, businesses are putting more thought into the facilities and we’re seeing more and more customers incorporate brand colours into design schemes to reflect their overarching brand values to a positive effect. In this recent project for Shell, we included a branded visual on the washroom wall to reference the providence and history of this iconic brand.


From primary and secondary schools, all the way through to colleges and universities, we have a range of design schemes. Research has proven that yellow is the ultimate colour for positivity and creativity – both of which are perfect for learning environments. Purples, greens and blues are said to promote a sense of calm which is also helpful in schools where pupils may experience anxiety. A great combination for schools to encourage washroom use is to pair bright colours with fun digital prints like we did at Duncombe Primary & Nursery School.

We’d love to help you with your next washroom project and our highly skilled design team will work closely with you to define the right specs, design and colour schemes.

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Is it time you updated your Washrooms?

Focus Washrooms has over twenty years in the industry working across the education and commercial sectors here in the UK. We’re experts at what we do, and our team have the knowledge and experience to create the perfect washroom for your school or business.


Washrooms can sometimes be overlooked and they can be the last place in buildings to get a well-needed upgrade. Tired, shabby washrooms give a bad impression and create a poor experience for visitors, staff or pupils. Cracked tiles, grubby sanitaryware and outdated design schemes are all telltale signs your washrooms need an upgrade.

There are also minimum requirements to adhere to if you are a school or business so you should ensure that at the bare minimum, you’re complying with government guidelines. For schools, for example, there are key factors that Ofsted will be reviewing including hygiene, safety, privacy and design. For more information on Ofsted inspections, visit our Ofsted blog.


Modern washrooms will now include clean lines, hygienic finishes on surfaces and stylish colour palettes. A great example of a modern washroom transformation is Didcot Wave Leisure Centre where our team developed a sleek design scheme. Colours and finishes were chosen to match the centre’s modern facilities and corporate colour theme, and the S3:60 cubicle system was chosen for its robust, hard-wearing and vandal proof properties. Check it out here


Similarly, the focus to improve washrooms in nurseries, schools and higher education facilities has shifted from purely functional areas to bright and engaging spaces like this recent refurbishment at the Oliver Goldsmith Primary School in London using colourful graphics and striking colour matches.


We take pride in creating washrooms that are hygienic, robust and will stand the test of time, and using our in-depth industry and product knowledge we’ll ensure that your new washrooms look the best they can be.

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Education spotlight: A fresh new look for Oliver Goldsmith Primary School washrooms in London

With over twenty years of experience working closely with the education sector, our team understand the pressures that schools, colleges, and universities are under.

With increasingly tight budgets and exceptionally high standards to maintain, it can be a challenge to strike the right balance of where to allocate precious funds. However, our education clients find that working with Focus Washrooms helps to simplify the process of washroom refurbishment as our expert team of specialists provide advice and guidance from at every step from concept to completion.

In this blog, we take a look at one of our recent education projects where we completed an innovative washroom refurbishment with stunning results which was completed on time and under budget for our delighted client.


The Oliver Goldsmith School in the Brent Cross area of London is a community school that caters for students of nursery age, up to Year 6. It is a vibrant and engaging place of learning where each member of staff is committed to providing excellence in all aspects of the children’s development.

The school approached Focus Washrooms with a requirement to refurbish their tired washrooms and bring them up to date with bright colours and the latest in school washroom design. They wanted the refurbishment to offer value for money whilst being more practical, low maintenance, hygienic, high quality and easy to keep clean.


The original space wasn’t being used effectively so we redesigned the areas to provide better efficiency and considered optimum user flow. Our team visually ‘split’ the one of the washrooms to distinguish between the Infants and Junior areas which were in the same room, by using contrasting colour schemes of patterned laminate products. The walls were clad with robust and easy to keep clean Trovex Diamond Hygienic Wall Protection that also offers bacteria-fighting qualities for ultimate hygiene. It was also decided to use Hygienic Wall Protection to make a vibrant feature wall above one of the wash troughs.


For the hand wash facilities, each area included vanity units at optimum heights for convenience for the pupils. Solid surface wash troughs, complete with sensor taps were installed for easy hand washing and for their water-saving benefits. The wash troughs are specially formed so that every area has a slight slope to ensure that water runs off, and is not left sitting on vanity tops to stagnate and grow bacteria. The finishing touches included unique laminate radiator covers that perfectly match the cubicle colour scheme and high-quality fixtures and fittings throughout.


Our client was delighted with the end result and commented on how smoothly the project ran – they even shared it on their official school website! 

If you’re thinking of refurbishing your school, college or university washrooms, get in touch with us and we’ll provide you with expert advice.

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Commercial washrooms | Project spotlights

From offices, retail premises to leisure facilities and entertainment venues, Focus Washrooms’ highly skilled team understands the unique challenges that the commercial sector faces.

With over 20 years’ experience working on commercial projects, our valued clients can be assured that they will receive excellent customer service, top quality finishes, high design and projects finished on time and within budget agreed at the outset. In our latest blog, we look at a selection of our commercial projects and discuss our unique approach to washroom refurbishment.


Statistics prove that 86 percent of customers won’t return to a business if the washrooms are found to be dirty or unhygienic. Our team at Focus Washrooms aims to provide the ultimate washroom experience for businesses up down the UK.

Sleek design for The Royal Horticultural Society

One of our favourite projects was the refurbishment of The Royal Horticultural Society washrooms where we combined quality with stylish design. Using a muted colour palette which was paired with a wood finish resulted in the wow factor and our client was thrilled with the result.

High traffic challenges at Henley on Thames Leisure Centre

Another area of expertise is in the leisure industry where washrooms must include showers, changing facilities, lockers and benches for the benefit of leisure centre users. Careful plans must be made to consider user flow and with facilities being in constant use, only the most robust and hard wearing materials must be used.

Our client, Cllr Lynn Lloyd – Cabinet Member for Leisure at South Oxfordshire District Council said that:

“I’m sure all swimmers at Henley Leisure Centre will be pleased with the refurbishment of the changing area. The work has made the facility a much brighter and more welcoming area for people before and after they take a dip.”

Around the clock management at Reynolds Catering Supplies

Due to the nature of our always-on lifestyles, businesses are often now open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We understand that refurbishing washrooms, whilst important, must not interfere with the day to day running of businesses or impact on profits. At Reynold’s Catering Services, we worked hard to schedule all our works around the team, so the project ran smoothly and without any interferences with business activity. We also worked to a tight budget without compromising on a quality finish.

Phil Robinsons, HSE Manager of Reynolds shared his experience of working with the team:

“Focus is one of the best companies I have dealt with. They fully understood our budget requirements and the challenges of working in a 24/7 food environment, the project was managed extremely well and the quality of the tradesmen and the subsequent finish was superb.”

With over twenty years in the business, we are experts in commercial washroom refurbishments and in the last year alone, we’ve refurbished over 200 washrooms over 80 sites. If you have a project coming up, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide free advice.

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Our team and culture behind business excellence

Focus Washrooms was founded over 20 years ago by Senior Director, David Davis in Hertfordshire.

David identified the need to improve washrooms in educational and commercial settings across the UK and so the journey began. Now we’re proud to have a team of over 40 people based across two sites – our cubicle production facility in Dereham, Norfolk and our second site in Welham Green.


What sets Focus Washrooms apart is the integrity and dedication of our team. Our approach that is based on a wealth of experience means we can plan projects effectively, stay true to the brief and can guarantee that we complete projects on time and within budget.

Working with many market sectors, our clients can be confident that they’ll receive dedicated and relevant customer care. We’ve been designing, making and installing washrooms for over two decades and during this time, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the demands of every industry that we serve, and the ability to develop solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients. Take a look at some of the projects we’ve worked on.


From our humble beginnings back in 1998, we remain a family oriented business but over the years our team has grown and our services have diversified. We pride ourselves on giving our valued team the opportunities to grow and develop and offer genuine career progression within the business. Meet our team.

Working at Focus Washrooms, no one day is ever quite the same. We encourage innovative thinking and team collaboration in our vibrant and energising working environments. We enjoy daily challenges and delighting our clients by using our tried and tested approach to washroom refurbishment projects. Each member of our team is committed to our three core values: reliability, competence and care. Read more.


We continue to innovate and evolve to stay ahead of the latest trends and industry developments. Along with our investments in training and developing our team, we invest in our production facilities including state of the art CNC machinery. Plus we have an R&D programme where new ideas and innovations are always welcome from any member of the team – no matter what level.

If we sound like the kind of company you could do with business with, please contact us. We’re always looking to hear from bright and talented people to join our team, so please contact us if you’re interested in working with us at Focus Washrooms.

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Key factors to consider when designing high traffic washrooms

Special consideration must be given when designing high traffic washrooms such as facilities in stadiums, theatres, leisure centres, schools, shopping centres and service stations. They must withstand frequent use and some may be at risk of vandalism.

Because of this, key factors to consider will include using robust and high-quality materials that will withstand heavy usage and implementing a seamless user flow to ensure that people can get in and out quickly.


Our range of functional, durable and attractive cubicle systems mean that you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics when designing high traffic washrooms. We’ve refurbished over 200 washrooms in the last year alone and each has been finished to an excellent standard. Choose from a wide range of colours and finishes for your washroom and be guided by our experienced team to define the perfect solution for your bespoke environment.

Take a look at this stylish design for Glyndebourne Opera House where we used a dark wood finish and sleek accessories to create a stunning finish for their visitors, staff and performers.


High traffic washrooms need to be robust and easy to maintain and keep clean. They also must be long lasting with a high level of durability which is why we offer an unprecedented 15-year product guarantee on our washroom laminate systems giving our customers peace of mind, from the robust formulation of our quality, tried and tested systems, to our responsive customer care.
Durability and hygiene were key when considering the design for our recent project at the Shell Service Station in Ashstead  Park, London where facilities are used 24 hours around the clock.


With over 20 years in the business working in both the education and commercial sectors, we have a wealth of expertise and experience to draw from when considering user flow in washroom design. Each step will be carefully considered to ensure the correct placement of toilet cubicles, wash stations and hand dryers to minimise queuing and create a positive experience for users.
Our project at Henley on Thames Leisure Centre involved detailed user flow planning to ensure that the design was fit for purpose and gave visitors a positive experience.

Our highly qualified team would be happy to advise you on your next washroom refurbishment project as we have a deep understanding of the challenges of designing high traffic washrooms.

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