Why you should include the new washrooms.

School budgets are tighter than ever and the government reinforces that only applications that demonstrate a high project need and those that align with the fund programs priorities are likely to be successful.

We agree that schools funding on classrooms, playgrounds, sports equipment and computers are all very important considerations. But how about the old tired-look washrooms? Yes, they look a bit old, but they will last another school year… Or will they? What repercussions do unsuitable washrooms have for the students and the school? What view will Ofsted take?

Students avoid the toilets: The washroom smells, is dirty and the toilet paper has run out. The students will might decide that it is best to avoid using the school toilets from now on. That can impact in their productivity and concentration during studying, also it can affect their health and life quality once in the school.

Not healthy: Staff and students don’t have a choice. They have to use the facilities you provide at school. If the washrooms are not cleaned properly there is an increased risk of poor hygiene. Poor hygiene means that infections can spread.

More vandalism: Show that you care is the best way to avoid vandalism! The “Broken Windows” theory states that if a broken window is not repaired the other windows will eventually be broken as well. This happens because a broken window shows out a message that no-one cares – that there is no consequence to committing the vandalism of school toilets.

This theory applies to the washrooms in your school. Also when the students are happy with the new toilets they feel proud of them, after all the school belongs to all.

Students feel let down: An old washroom sends a message to the pupils: the school does not care. You want pupils to be proud of their school and its facilities, just as they are proud of their uniform, sports teams and achievements.

School reputation damaged: Bad news spreads faster and the students will talk to their parents about the facilities, especially if they are bad. Visiting school teams will compare your washrooms to theirs. Families may see or use the toilets.

Ofsted Inspection: Ofsted will check the washrooms during their inspection to ensure that the school washrooms meet regulations. Do not fail to meet regulations for sufficiency and condition of the washrooms!

As you can see a lot of the problems can be avoided by keeping the washrooms clean and beautiful. Have the cleaning staff create detailed schedules to ensure the toilets stay in good condition throughout the day. Ask the students how the facilities can be improved. Follow the Department for Education’s recommendations for school washrooms and do not hesitate to refurbish them when they need. After all your staff and students deserve a clean and safe environment at school.

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